Shower Panels

FSP8009BB Geona (Brushed Bronze) Thermostatic Shower Massage Panel

The Geona brushed bronze shower panel can really take your morning cleaning routine to the next level. Instead of just a basic shower head you get four different water outputs: a large shower head that creates a rainfall effect, a handheld showerhead for mobility and hard to reach places, 3 swiveling massage water jets and a tub filling water spout on the bottom. The panel has four knobs that control each function, and a master knob that controls water pressure and temperature. The fixtures are all made from brass with a chrome finish, and the unit is made from stainless steel. 

  • genoa brushed bronze
  • genoa brushed bronze1
  • genoa brushed bronze2
  • 0" x 0" x 0"

  • $898
  • $659


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