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The Jason HSR6555 spa bathtub is designed to be the centerpiece of a health-and-wellness room, family room, solarium or bathroom.  The HSC650 spa tub has room for up to three people with convenient features such as tri-level seating, separate controls for dual therapy and dual heaters to maintain water temperature. This jetted tub also features an automatic aromatherapy dispenser and sound immersion system to complete the ultimate spa bath experience. Call 800-720-1062 for more details. 

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  • 66" x 78" x 28"

  • $14,500
  • $10,928
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Dimensions: 78" x 66"
Shape: Rectangular Tub
This tub is large enough for 2 people.
Home Spa Collection features
  • AirMasseur™, Whirlpool and combination Air-Whirlpool operation
  • Three-person capacity
  • 25 jets strategically placed for tailored therapy
  • Ergonomic design including armrests
  • Jetted neck pillow on each side
  • Separate controls for dual therapy
  • Synchronized chromatherapy
  • Dual heaters
  • Tri-level seating for water economy or minimal, medium and deep soak
  • Easy access entry and exit steps
  • Sound Immersion experience
  • Aromatherapy dispenser
This tub is available as a combination whirlpool/air tub.


About Jason

Jason International was founded by Remo Jacuzzi and his family. Jason sells the full line of whirlpool tubs and offers advanced technology like MicroSilk®  and AirMasseur® whirlpool and air systems in their hydrotherapy baths which has helped people enjoy healthier lifestyles since 1982.

The Jacuzzi family heritage ensures well trained hydrotherapy experts that engineer whirlpool tubs that deliver the most rewarding bathing experience; for the mind, body and spirit.

Combining expertise in relaxation with the science of hydrotherapy, Jason brings you a complete bathing experience. It is part of healthy living, a luxurious link in your body’s daily cycle of natural healing.


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